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house of bonesPhoto copyright Kent Bonham

She had trailed her quarry carefully through the raucous throngs, but in a moment of distraction he had slipped from sight. Estrella was terrified—her safety depended on shadowing his every move. Anxiously, she scanned the crowd from the cover of a building that also seemed masked for Carnival. Her costume camouflaged her among the revelers; could he still find her?

Familiar cologne penetrated her fear just as a strong arm snaked around her waist. Estrella struggled mightily in the vise-like grip, loosing herself just enough to twist and throw her arms around her captor’s neck.

“Papá, there you are!”

After a couple weeks off, it feels good to be back in the swing of Friday Fictioneers, trying to capture a story inspired by the week’s photo prompt in only 100 words!


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