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old-man-in-rainPhoto from Jezri’s Nightmares

“Bigoted old hags!” Gwen stormed up the lane as indignantly as two arthritic knees would allow. For years she’d sat at the weekly tea, letting racist remarks pass by unchallenged. It got harder to remain silent after her daughter married “one of them.” Her permissiveness ended abruptly at 10:28 yesterday, with her granddaughter’s first cry.

Word count: 55

Thought I’d try my hand at an even shorter piece of flash fiction this week, joining up with the 55 Word Challenge over at Jezri’s Nightmares. I could choose from one of three photo prompts to inspire a short, short story. To anyone who thinks writing a story in 55 words should be half as hard as writing one in 100 words (since the story’s roughly half as long), I say, “You try it!”


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