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101_3000Question 79
For $20,000 would you go for three months without washing, brushing your teeth, or using deodorant? Assume you could not explain your reasons to anyone, and that there would be no long-term effect on your career.

Ewww. No! Absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt, no. Not even for ten times that amount. Heck, even the scrungy castaways on Survivor, who are only marooned for 39 days and are playing for $1 million, get to splash around in the ocean and pick their teeth with sticks.

I admit to being a bit of a clean freak. I can’t stand to go 24 hours without a shower (two days of sponge-bathing after knee surgery was torture). My teeth feel fuzzy now, just thinking about not brushing for three months. And the days of going without deodorant without causing offense have long since past.

While I do care what other people think of me, not being able to explain my sudden lack of hygiene would take a back seat to my disgust with myself. Even if I had no career and no other reason to step outside my house in those three months, even if I was guaranteed not to have to be in contact with another living soul, I could not stop bathing, brushing, and deodorizing. I’d be crawling out of my skin in less than a week.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear Mr. Bubbles calling me.

Gregory Stock, what on earth were you thinking when you compiled The Book of Questions? Some of these questions are just gross!


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