Gratitude Photo Day 7: Touch

07 Nov

touchWhen I was in high school, typing was an elective course. Well, at least it was offered as an elective by the school. My mother was not going to let the principal hand me my diploma until I had taken the class. I was less than enthusiastic about a typing class at the time–not that there were that many exciting alternatives, but rather because I think I was afraid I’d suck. Back in high school I was all about not sucking at anything in public, lest I draw unwanted attention to myself. Today, however, I am very grateful that Mom stood her ground and insisted I learn to touch type. Even though I still cheat and look at the keys when I have to type numbers, my speed today is a respectable 65 wpm. Thanks, Mom!

30day photo challenge

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Posted by on November 7, 2013 in Challenges, Photography


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