The week in review

12 Oct

The Good…

100_1702I got to spend a whole day just hanging out with my mom on Tuesday…something I haven’t been able to do much in the past five years while living overseas. We shopped, we chatted, we ate. Before she left, she revealed an early Christmas gift…a Ninja! I’m just a little intimidated, being a girl who’s only ever used a $20 Osterizer in the past. Can’t wait to whip up some smoothies for after the gym. Bet it makes a mean frozen margarita, too. Was somewhat disappointed to find out that the cookie dough pictured on the box is not actually included in the contents. 😦

The Bad…

Duncan 3-001My new-to-me Nissan Rogue is picking up where my previous vehicle left off five years ago–collecting flat tires. If there is a nail or screw within 50 yards of the vehicle, it will be drawn to my tire like lemmings to a cliff. I’ve had the Rogue less than two months, got brand new tires put on it two weeks ago, and this Friday it had to go in the shop for a tire patch. Thank heavens for the tire pressure monitoring system…at least the Rogue tells me there’s an issue before I head out to work and find the tire rim sitting on the garage floor.

The Ugly

Sales officeIf you ever need a snake oil salesman, just let me know. I can hook you up. Not quite George Strait’s “oceanfront property in Arizona” but it doesn’t sting any less. Seeing this on Wednesday made me wish for a double batch of frozen margaritas from the Ninja.

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One response to “The week in review

  1. Janet domino

    October 13, 2013 at 8:54 PM

    Good is good. Bad is bad. Where did you see the ugly???


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