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Oh, the places I’ve been: The US version

Question 366 (The Complete Book of Questions by Garry Poole)
How many American states have you visited in your lifetime? Which was your favorite and why?

Thirty-six. THIRTY-SIX!! I’ve been to 72% of the states in this country! I knew I’d visited a lot, but until today’s question, I hadn’t actually counted them. I’m sort of impressed with that tally, if you couldn’t tell. With only 14 left to go, there should be no problem crossing “See all 50 states” off my bucket list. 🙂

Of the states I’ve visited, I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one favorite. Each state is unique, and I could list a favorite quality or two from each one. But if I were to be sentenced to live the rest of my life in just one state, never allowed to cross out of its borders, I’d have to go with North Carolina. The Outer Banks are my absolute favorite beaches, especially in the off-season. I’m equally drawn to the mountains and lakes in the western half of the state…in short, no matter whether I’m in a beach or mountain mood, NC has it covered. Add in the decent climate and the friendly southern charm of native North Carolinians, and it’s a definite winner.

As for the 14 states I’ve not yet visited, I’d say Alaska and Montana are the two at the top of my list. There’s just something about rugged terrain, opportunities to see different wildlife, and low populations scattered across huge areas that I find very appealing.

Judging by the white areas on my map, I think an Alaskan cruise might be in order, followed by a leisurely drive across country from the Washington coast. Even if the hubby and I did nothing more than drive a straight-line course due east until we reached North Dakota, then made a 90º turn to head due south to the middle of Nebraska before heading due east once more to Iowa, I could color in seven more states (eight, including Alaska) on my map. That’d leave just six on my to-do list…


Hey, hon, whatcha doin’ during your furlough time?



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