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Mine mine mine

seagulls-wicklundPhoto copyright E.A. Wicklund

Like two gulls scrapping over a single stolen French fry, the twins screeched at each other.

“I saw him first!”

“Yeah, but, he asked me out!”

“That’s because he thought you were me!”

“Guess if you’d gone to the library like you told Mom, instead of sneaking into that club with Rhonda, it would have been you. Go on the date if you want, but I’ll tell Mom that you lied, then you’ll be grounded and won’t get to go anyway.”

“I hate you.”

“Look at the bright side. The ‘library’ is open late tonight. Maybe Rhonda wants to study.”


Note: Gulls always make me think of this scene from Finding Nemo, hence the title of today’s piece.

Think a picture’s worth a thousand words? Well, over at Friday Fictioneers, they only charge a hundred. That’s right, if you can create a complete story in 100 words, based on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ chosen photo for the week, then you, too, can link up! 


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