Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

04 Jul

101_6556Question 169
How many times during the day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Hmmm, let’s see.

I do a quick check before I jump in the shower each morning to see how bad the bed head is–this will help determine my morning allotment of computer time.

After my shower, there’s a quick check in the full-length mirror to make sure nothing’s on inside-out, then I’m in front of the dressing table mirror for as long as it takes to fix my hair and throw on a bit of mascara.

As I’m leaving the house, I take a quick last look before I head out the door. If it’s windy, there’s a hair check in the car’s rear-view mirror and another if a mirror is available when I arrive at my destination (if not, a suitably reflective window will do).

Even though I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror when I brush my teeth, I rarely look up, so that’s two or three times each day I don’t look in the mirror.

Last peek is in the evening after washing my face, to be sure removing the morning’s mascara didn’t leave me with raccoon eyes.

I absolutely NEVER, EVER, EVER look in a mirror in the dark. It’s a silly phobia, born of too many horror movies, but mirrors in dark rooms completely freak me out.

So, short answer is, I look at myself in the mirror about half a dozen times a day. Does that sound about normal? At what point does one cross the line from not wanting to be embarrassed by her appearance to being totally vain?

Gregory Stock, creator of The Book of Questions provides much of the fodder for Deep Thought Thursdays. I thought the questions would allow readers to get to know me better, since I share my personal reflections about my values, beliefs, and life in general. If you’d like my view on one of your own thought-provoking questions, feel free to ask away in the comments below!


2 responses to “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

  1. Janet domino

    July 4, 2013 at 9:29 PM

    Ha! Now I will have to count tomorrow!

  2. helenrj

    July 5, 2013 at 3:02 AM

    I’m going to count my ‘mirror-mirror’ moments, too.


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