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That’s just the way I write

101_5870No sudden moves.

This weekend, for Trifextra: Week Seventy Six, the folks at Trifecta have asked us to sum up our writing process using only three words, a prompt inspired by the reply given by Neil Gaiman when asked the same: “Glare. Drink tea.”



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An incomplete history

familypicPhoto provided by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Numbly I lay the obituary page next to the only family photo to survive the inferno that consumed Mom and Dad’s retirement villa three nights ago.

Why do we look like we’re about to invade this house? Who caught us on film? Tell me the story…

Voiceless ashes cruelly mock the gaps in my biography.

This story is exactly 55 words in response to a photo prompt by Lisa McCourt Hollar, who sponsors the weekly 55 Word Challenge on Jezri’s Nightmares. Unfortunately, it’s a 24-hour contest, opening Wednesday at noon Eastern time. I’m a day (plus an hour) late to actually participate in the challenge this week because I didn’t read the fine print till just now.


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