27 Jun


June 27–into the sun

When you live in England, an assignment to shoot a photo directly into the sun is going to be a hit or miss proposition. Today, it’s a miss. So I’ve gone through my archives to find an interesting photo that a) was shot intentionally into the sun b) has some minor compositional value, and c) isn’t a tired old sunset picture. I found this picture of Mt. Fuji, taken in December 2010. I don’t have a filter on my camera, a Kodax DX6490, so I was trying to use the edge of the lens itself to sort of block the sun from washing out the entire shot. What I got was an interesting rainbow effect, with some cool rays shooting off to the left side of the image. One of those happy accident kind of shots that I’m sure I could never replicate in a thousand clicks of the shutter.

June Photo a Day hosted by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim

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