15 Mar


Photo copyright Lora Mitchell

I admit to having trouble figuring out where this photo from the Friday Fictioneers challenge was going to take me. I wasn’t able to totally (or even partially) let go of a literal interpretation of the photo as Rochelle encouraged, although I gladly ignored that little video icon in the top left corner  🙂

Laura’s Sunday evenings were normally a time of frustrated anxiety, and one this dreary had been known to reduce her to tears of self-pity. No matter how ruthlessly she restricted her social calendar, there were never enough hours in a weekend to grade all the papers or plan all the lessons. Tonight however, a strangely serene Laura pointedly ignored the school bag in the corner. The lily her parents had sent silently chastised her for not attending Easter Mass this morning, but Laura’s prayers of gratitude did not require a priest’s guidance. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for spring break.

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