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HPIM1619Like I really need another project…

Hey handsome! Because you are away on business this weekend, I was unchaperoned at the local auction today, which meant all my, “Ooh, I could use this old ______ for ______” ideas went unvoiced, which meant there were no exasperated eye-rolls to curb my enthusiasm for crafty DIY projects, which meant I bid on more junk than I normally would have. Good news, though! I only won one lot, a stack of 46 2-foot by 2-foot tin(ish) ceiling tiles. Yes, I can hear you…”What are you going to do with THOSE??”

Well, here’s what the Martha Stewart side of me was thinking while I was waving my bidding number around. I don’t plan on actually sticking them to the ceiling, because they collectively weigh a ton (four trips to load them all in the car), and I don’t fancy them dropping on our sleeping heads in the middle of the night. Instead, I envisioned them as a headboard whenever we finally get rid of the sleigh bed, or possibly as wainscoting in the dining room. But when I got home and started looking on the internet, there’s all sorts of cool things I could do with them…tile them into a backsplash in the kitchen (these may not be the best size/pattern for that), hang them as wall art in the living room, substitute them as the panels in the kitchen cabinets, bend them into funky birdhouses for the garden. Dishfunctional Designs has all sorts of ideas I hadn’t even considered!

And wait, babe, here’s some even better news. I got all 46 of them for the ridiculous price of just £24 (about $36). If worse comes to worst, and my inner Martha never gets this project off the ground, we can just sell them on for a serious profit–they go for upwards of $9.50 EACH online. Trust me, it could have been worse; I could have come home with a pair of tortoiseshell veneered display cabinets, purchased by the original owners for £85,000, but now fire-damaged and “requiring major restoration.” Common sense didn’t totally desert me in your absence; I realize there are some limits to the projects I should tackle! Love you!!


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