Daily Archives: March 12, 2013


100_9237Gotta liven things up on this hot summer day.
Really tired of hopping around aimlessly, chomping on blades of grass.
Antennae are aquiver at the thought of a wee bit of mischief.
See that lady in the Lycra shorts jogging this way?
She’s terrified of my kind…jumps a foot whenever one of us leaps beside the path.
Her thoughts turn from fitness to survival as she runs this grassy gauntlet each day.
Obviously, I’ll have to launch myself squarely onto her bare leg.
Possibly, she’ll scream and stomp her foot madly to dislodge me.
Perhaps she’ll flail around and beg passing runners for salvation.
Either way, the entertainment value should be high.
Right, then, here she comes. Three…two…one…

Straight from yesterday’s Write4Ten prompt, this is my paranoid version of what really goes on in a grasshopper’s brain.


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