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thirstyPhoto copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Let’s go, kid,” the editor’s two-pack-a-day growl floated through the mailroom. “I know you’re thirstin’ for a spot on the news beat.  You can get your feet wet at the mayor’s press conference.”

Minutes later, my raised hand was acknowledged among the throng of reporters.

“Mr. Mayor, you’ve endorsed a citywide ban on sandboxes as a result of Tuesday’s tragic incident, but sandboxes didn’t hurt those children, sir, the bully who flung the sand caused the harm. What is your response to those who say a ban on sandboxes infringes on the rights of the children who use them responsibly?”

Hmm, I see a thirsty horse standing in a puddle of his own making; could my story have a more tenuous link to this week’s photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers?  🙂


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