Three-picture stories

19 Feb

Today’s prompt over at The Daily Post is photography-oriented, and totally captured my interest because it finally gives a name (and a sense of legitimacy) to something I already do. The topic is three-picture stories, and Daily Post contributor Michelle W. explains it like this:


In simple and completely unhelpful terms, it’s a story told through three related images. (You’re welcome.)

Not just any three images, though — three related images designed to create a more complete sense of your subject than a single picture. Together, they capture both visuals and feel:


This is the big picture — where are we? For this shot, step back from the subject and put it in context. Think wide-angle.


This shot starts to get at what it’s like to be in the place you’re shooting by showing subjects interacting. Often, this means people connecting with one another — talking, involved in an activity together, or just looking at the same thing — but it doesn’t need to be. Inanimate items and scenery elements can interact, too (as we’ll see below).


The third image completes the scene by zeroing in on a detail, something you might not notice (or even be able to see) in the broader photos.

I do this. All. The. Time. Only I wasn’t doing it intentionally or even consciously. It’s only when I go back and look through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken when the hubby and I’ve been someplace cool like the Grand Canyon, or Uluwatu Temple in Bali, or the local fish pond that I notice my focus has gradually shifted from sweeping views to intimate details. I’ll share one example that happened completely by accident (click on any photo to see the full-size version).

In the coming weeks, I’ll post more three-picture stories from my archives. But I’ll also concentrate on intentionally capturing new stories, paying attention to the composition and interactions within each photo. I love photography with a purpose!


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2 responses to “Three-picture stories

  1. vbholmes

    February 20, 2014 at 9:20 AM

    Perfect example of your three-picture story. Well done.

  2. frizztext

    February 21, 2014 at 12:36 PM


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