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Just a dream?

eiffel-tower-dmmPhoto copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

Mama? MAMA!!!!!!!!

Jolted awake, Linda stumbled down the darkened hallway, miraculously reaching Benji’s bedside without breaking an ankle on the toys littering his floor.

What is it, baby? What’s wrong?

The robot. It’s watching me!

The Lego robot you built this afternoon? It’s just a toy, sweetie. It can’t watch you.

But its eyes…they lit up!

It was just a dream, love. Lay back down and I’ll tuck you in.

I’m scared, Mama.

Benji, you’re a big boy. Big boys aren’t scared of Legos. Go to sleep.

Linda didn’t notice the glowing orbs that tracked her exit from Benji’s room.


I know, I know. It’s a picture of the Eiffel Tower. You were probably expecting a tale of love and romance. But all I saw when Rochelle first posted this week’s photo was a creepy robot (sorry, Doug). So that’s the direction I took for my 100-word submission for Friday Fictioneers


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