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Let me see what I can whip up…

3:10 p.m. Phone rings

Me: Hello?
The hubby: Hey. Where are you?
Me: In the bedroom.
The hubby: Whatcha doin’ in the bedroom?
Me: Dusting.
The hubby: Gotta question for ya.
Me: Okay.
The hubby: Can you whip up something quick and easy for tomorrow? They threw together a party.
Me (hot-footing it to the kitchen to take inventory of the pantry): Uh, sure. What kind of something? Dessert? (Please say dessert, I see a brownie mix.)
The hubby: Oh, I don’t know.
Me: Would finger food be better? (I’ve got bunches of L’il Smokies in the freezer, I could throw those in the crockpot with some magic sauce. Easy peasy.)
The hubby: Are those sausage balls a lot of trouble? Those would be good.
Me: Do you have a way to heat things up?
The hubby: Just the microwave.
Me: Then sausage balls are out–they’re no good heated in the microwave.
The hubby: And if it could be in a dish I don’t have to worry about bringing home, that’d be awesome.
Me: (Well, crap. That rules out the L’il Smokies in the crockpot.) Sure. I’ll figure out something.
The hubby: If it’s too much trouble, don’t worry about it.
Me (wheels spinning): No, I’ll think of something, it’s fine.
The hubby: And do we have something we could wrap up for a white elephant gift exchange?
Me: Uhhh. (No.) Yeah. I’ll take care of it.
The hubby: Thanks, I’ll talk to you later. Love you, bye.
Me: Love you, bye.

…45 frantic minutes on Google…


text mssg.PNG









quick trip to the grocery store to buy spinach wraps, a yellow pepper, ham, and a tree-shaped plate…

7:45 p.m. I give you and your coworkers a tree (thanks to the plate) made of Ham and cheese pinwheels wrapped in festive green tortillas, garnished with grape tomato ornaments, and topped by a somewhat anemic yellow pepper star.

ham roll tree


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