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How do you like your philanthropists?

dogooder2On lo, these many Thursdays, I’ve answered a question in order to give you, my readers, a bit of insight into who I am. But today, I’m turning the tables. I have a question for you. A question inspired by the holidays, and the featured news stories in this season of giving.

I am wondering, if a person does something nice for someone else, and then tells other people about it, does that take away from the generous nature of the action? Does it then seem like the do-gooder only did it for the glory, for the praise from outside sources? Or could you believe that the do-gooder is hoping by telling humbly of his actions that others will be inspired by his example to follow in his footsteps, thereby magnifying the effect of his original deed?

I personally know people who do good things for the sole purpose of bragging about them, and while the deeds are still inarguably good, they feel tainted somehow. On the other hand, I know everyday heroes who never say a word about their actions, and I feel that if they spoke up, others would be inspired to follow their examples.

Your answers are important to me, for reasons I’ll try to explain in a future post.

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