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Gardening doesn’t get much greener

Herdwick sheep grazing around the castle

Day 26: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

Armed to teeth, goats keep weeds in check across U.S.

herdyI read this article about all-natural landscaping services in USA Today last week. I’m happy to see that the US is starting to embrace some of the environmentally friendly practices that are in use elsewhere in the world. The hubby and I came across four-legged lawn maintenance in England, where the National Trust are using sheep, ponies, and cattle to manage the grounds at their various historical properties across the UK. For my lawn, I think I’d like to acquire a herd of Herdwick sheep, like the ones I captured grinning and grazing on the hillsides around Corfe Castle. Fertilizer included at no additional charge. 🙂 



Thoughtful gardening, brought to you by Jenni’s blog-every-day challenge at Story of My Life.


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