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Travel theme: Pink

For some awesome shades of pink you’ve never seen in your box of crayons, visit Ailsa at Where’s my backpack?


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Travel theme: Gardens

As we dig out from yet another snowstorm here in Virginia, it’s a little hard to believe that we’ll ever see our gardens again, much less have weather nice enough to work in them. Looking through my archives for material for Ailsa’s garden-themed photo challenge at Where’s my backpack? has brought a nice respite from the cold, bleak winter weather, and planted seeds of hope for the coming garden season.

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Travel theme: Work

As I mentioned before, I’m not all that comfortable photographing people…I feel like I’m invading their privacy… so the pictures I’ve gathered for Ailsa‘s chosen theme of work were taken rather surreptitiously. Because I try to snap the shutter before I’m noticed, my people shots usually lack composition, don’t take advantage of available lighting, and often show blurry evidence of my rush to lower the lens. You’ll be able to find more professional-looking work photos by heading over to Where’s my backpack?


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Travel theme: Dry

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Really, the most fitting photo I could have posted for Ailsa‘s dry challenge would have been a close-up of my winter-weary hands, but I decided that would just be too gross. Instead, I sifted through the archives, wading through thousands of drizzly, soggy, drippy, sodden, drenched, and saturated shots for these few arid offerings.

Visit Where’s my backpack? for more desiccated images.

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Travel theme: Wood

Ailsa’s wood theme this week was a tough one for me…not because I never photograph wood, but because I do it so often. I had hundreds of pictures to sift through because I have a love affair with wood, from tree stumps to shipwrecks to antique furniture to hand-carved architectural details.

You can travel over to Ailsa’s blog Where’s My Backpack? to check out some other wood-themed photos.

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Travel theme: Illuminated

I have a lot to learn about nighttime photography, so I don’t have a lot of great photos for Ailsa’s challenge this week. I decided that illuminated didn’t necessarily have to mean nighttime, so I threw in one shot with the sun streaming through the window for good measure. 🙂

Check out others’ interpretations of Illuminated at Where’s my backpack?

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Travel Theme: Winter

It is an unseasonable 72°F in Virginia as I search to find “winter” photos for Ailsa’s weekly travel theme at Where’s my backpack? The warm temperatures remind me that some of my favorite aspects of the season have nothing to do with cold and snow.

However, on a normal December day, it is cold here. I hate being cold. Winter gives me an excuse to find all sorts of warm woolly socks.


In almost all the places I’ve ever lived, winter brings snow, and snow brings me all kinds of joy.


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