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Weekly photo challenge: One



I’ve been fast enough on the shutter release to capture several dragonflies in my day, but this is the only hot pink one I’ve ever seen.

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Travel Theme: Winter

It is an unseasonable 72°F in Virginia as I search to find “winter” photos for Ailsa’s weekly travel theme at Where’s my backpack? The warm temperatures remind me that some of my favorite aspects of the season have nothing to do with cold and snow.

However, on a normal December day, it is cold here. I hate being cold. Winter gives me an excuse to find all sorts of warm woolly socks.


In almost all the places I’ve ever lived, winter brings snow, and snow brings me all kinds of joy.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

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I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a greater sense of community than when the Olympics came to London last year. It seems the entire United Kingdom was united in its excitement, support, and pride. The hubby and I had a chance to immerse ourselves in that community spirit when the relay route brought the Olympic torch to a village near us. For 70 days, on the news and finally in person, we watched as school children and shopkeepers, commoners and aristocracy, villagers and tourists all dropped everything to line the route and cheer the torch on its journey around the country.


Travel Theme: Still

I have so many photos that fit with Ailsa’s chosen theme of Still this week. I chose to stick with the European ones, but could do a whole other gallery from Japan. I guess my preference for shooting still subjects probably reflects my personality. I’m not still in the sense of couch potato (well, maybe sometimes), but I usually feel still on the inside, if that makes sense. I generally operate with a sense of inner stillness and peace, so I like to immerse myself in similar surroundings. And therefore I have ample opportunity to capture lots of stillness on film! 🙂

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Travel theme: Sky

If you want to see some breathtaking skies, head on over to Where’s my backpack? to check out Ailsa’s photos and to see who else has participated in her weekly challenge.


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Sunday Stills: Pets

Because I follow Ese’s Voice, I’ve found a new (to me…it’s actually celebrating its fifth anniversary) weekly photography challenge. Since the last few days have been a fun flurry of holiday activity and I don’t have much energy for writing at the moment, I thought I’d play along. Each Sunday, Ed issues a new challenge theme at Sunday Stills, and anyone looking to hone photography skills or get some constructive criticism is welcome to join in.

I am currently without a four-legged friend (looking for a new kitty to adopt), so I went to my archives and selected some photos of my Alina, who succumbed to a nasty bone marrow cancer about 18 months ago.


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Weekly photo challenge: Let there be light!


Cassiopeia. Neoclassical sculpture of cold cast bronze outside planetarium onboard the Queen Mary 2. (Michael Wurr & Co.)

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NaBloPoMo November 2013


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