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From order, chaos

treasure boxPhoto copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Daisuke’s life had been so orderly, a time and place for everything. The 5:37 train to his Sendai office six days a week. Monday night movie dates with girlfriend Hiroko. English lessons every Tuesday and Thursday after work. Obligatory drinks with coworkers at the izakaya on Fridays. Saturday night karaoke. Dinner with his parents on Sunday.

Then came March 11. Every neatly compartmentalized aspect of his life shaken to its core. No electricity, little water, dwindling fuel. His office declared unsafe for occupancy. Hiroko dead, three coworkers missing. The izakaya swept out to sea.

Disorder has become Daisuke’s new reality.


I’ve been away from Friday Fictioneers for a month, and I’m feeling pretty rusty!


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