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wasp-nestPhoto Copyright Janet Webb

I stroke her fragile hand in the pale light of the moon, her skin now as dry and papery as a wasp’s nest.

“Remember that poem you wrote to your puppy? I thought it was for me; you stole my heart way back in third grade.”

Softly I recite the four lines memorized nearly 78 years ago.

All can see our friendship is strong;
No doubt, by my side you belong.
Brown-eyed scamp, your kiss I adore.
I’ll love you forever…or more.

This is the final verse of our love story; I draw my last breath and reach for forever.

I missed last week’s Friday Fictioneers since I was out of town, but I’m back on board this week, submitting my 100 words inspired by the photograph selected by the Fictioneers’ fearless leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and guided by the letter Q of April’s A to Z Challenge!


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