Daily Archives: April 10, 2013



Yep, you’ve seen that photo before. Day before yesterday, in fact, as the poster child for “Grime” in my Gallimaufry post. That’s because nothing has changed–the project is incomplete. Yesterday didn’t progress in quite the way I’d envisioned, so all 100+ bottles are still soaking in my husband’s bathtub. Now, because of a full schedule and a tulip-peeping trip, that’s where they’ll sit until Monday. Often, I can hide the fact that my best laid plans got derailed and a project wasn’t completed on schedule. But in this case, the evidence is pretty blatant. On the plus side, my husband never takes a bath (his bathroom has a separate shower stall that he uses instead). A five-day soak is certainly not going to hurt these bottles, and might actually make my impending attack with the scrub brush less arduous. On the down side, I’ve junked up my husband’s bathroom for longer than I intended. Although using the bathtub was his idea, I still feel guilty for invading his space–he’ll return home on Sunday night, tired from travel, and have to start his new week faced by this chaos. I’m sorry, hon, and I promise not to drag home any more scrungy bottles from the antique fair on Monday unless your bathtub has first been restored to its customary vacant condition!