12 Feb

HPIM1604Okay, so a couple inches of snow fell overnight, but honestly, the roads aren’t that bad! I think bringing the tractor home and parking it in the driveway was a little dramatic. There are no HOAs to speak of in England, but the Brits are notoriously fussy about anything detracting from the visual beauty of their landscape, near or far. Neighbors complain if you don’t weed your flower beds, and rally to prevent brand new play parks from opening because the slide and jungle gym are too brightly colored and not in keeping with the muted tones of the village. A TV satellite dish can cause a row if the neighbor can see it from his conservatory (ask me how I know), cell phone towers rarely rise more than two stories lest they ruin a scenic vista (can you hear me now?), and you haven’t seen wrath until you’ve mentioned wanting to erect wind turbines in an empty field. So tell me, how is this guy getting away with parking an enormous John Deere in his driveway?  Maybe he’s on call to transport the homebound to and from the surgery (doctor’s office) next door…

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One response to “Overkill

  1. Janet domino

    February 12, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    There’s that sense of humor I love!


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