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A mother’s worst nightmare

trolleysPhoto copyright Janet M. Webb

“Have you seen my baby? My baby? Have you seen him? Sir? SIR!? Did you see someone take my baby? He was right here in the cart. I just bent down to get a case of soda and now he’s gone. WHERE’S MY BABY?”

“Ma’am, I’m the store manager. You’re causing quite a scene. Other customers are frightened. What seems to be the problem?”

“My baby! He’s missing! Someone’s taken my baby! Please! Help me! Ryan! RYYYANNNN!!!”

Leanne sat bolt upright in the inky pre-dawn gloom, sweaty sheets tangled around her bulging abdomen.

I’m going to be a terrible mom.



Exactly 100 words for this weeks’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. 


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To soothe the savage beast

amphitheaterPhoto copyright Sandra Crook

In the darkness of the wings, Marcellus was nearly swept up as the tsunami of the third grade chorus rushed offstage, trailing nervous energy and holiday anticipation in its wake. Tugging one final time at his tie, the young soloist moved toward his center-stage mark. Stabbed by the spotlight as the curtain rose, Marcellus felt his stomach churn violently and sucked in a breath, certain his chicken nuggets were about to make an encore appearance. Instead, the purest, clearest notes spilled from his lips, immediately stilling fidgety parents impatient to get home before the roads iced over. ”O holy night…”


Honestly, I’m not trying to rush the season in this little story for Friday Fictioneers, but the lone figure on the “stage” at L’Amphitheatre des Trois Gauls (Lyon, France) in Sandra’s photo this week made me think of elementary school Christmas pageants.


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Mine mine mine

seagulls-wicklundPhoto copyright E.A. Wicklund

Like two gulls scrapping over a single stolen French fry, the twins screeched at each other.

“I saw him first!”

“Yeah, but, he asked me out!”

“That’s because he thought you were me!”

“Guess if you’d gone to the library like you told Mom, instead of sneaking into that club with Rhonda, it would have been you. Go on the date if you want, but I’ll tell Mom that you lied, then you’ll be grounded and won’t get to go anyway.”

“I hate you.”

“Look at the bright side. The ‘library’ is open late tonight. Maybe Rhonda wants to study.”


Note: Gulls always make me think of this scene from Finding Nemo, hence the title of today’s piece.

Think a picture’s worth a thousand words? Well, over at Friday Fictioneers, they only charge a hundred. That’s right, if you can create a complete story in 100 words, based on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ chosen photo for the week, then you, too, can link up! 


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Ever hear of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act?

doorsPhoto copyright Rich Voza

“How’d the interview go, hon?”

“Like the last one. From the receptionist to the head of HR, all anyone could look at was the chair. Like it matters if a CPA has legs! I don’t expect them to call.”

“Their loss. You’d think your pre-deployment résumé would outshine the chrome on that wheelchair.”

“You’d think. But wait. I met a guy on my way out. He’s a vet, too, with his own business. It’s grown so much that he’s looking for an accountant. I start Monday!”

“Wow! I guess it really is true: when one door closes, another one opens.”


100 words, in response to this week’s photo prompt over at Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


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Quick thinking, Marge

the-boat-and-miss-libertyPhoto copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Bill and Marge were amassing vast quantities of iPhotos, gleefully recording every moment of their first real vacation in more than two decades. This morning, as their ship cruised into New York Harbor, they’d lowered the phone long enough to appreciate the rising sun glinting off Lady Liberty’s crown.

Now the pair were backed against the grimy wall of a seedy alley, watching the noonday sun glint off a wildly waving knife blade. “You can have my iPhone,” Marge soothed the desperate crackhead as she surreptitiously snapped his photo, “just let me upload our vacation pics to the Cloud first.”


The Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, come each week from the four corners of the world to submit a 100-word story inspired by a photo prompt.



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From order, chaos

treasure boxPhoto copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Daisuke’s life had been so orderly, a time and place for everything. The 5:37 train to his Sendai office six days a week. Monday night movie dates with girlfriend Hiroko. English lessons every Tuesday and Thursday after work. Obligatory drinks with coworkers at the izakaya on Fridays. Saturday night karaoke. Dinner with his parents on Sunday.

Then came March 11. Every neatly compartmentalized aspect of his life shaken to its core. No electricity, little water, dwindling fuel. His office declared unsafe for occupancy. Hiroko dead, three coworkers missing. The izakaya swept out to sea.

Disorder has become Daisuke’s new reality.


I’ve been away from Friday Fictioneers for a month, and I’m feeling pretty rusty!


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In the eye of the beholder

cloudsPhoto copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

After only the briefest glance, Deena slammed the book shut and stuffed it with shaking hands back into the box the UPS driver had just delivered to her door.

Jake had spent the last ten years schlepping his assortment of Nikons from country to country, capturing unique views of the world’s most stunning vistas. Now that his efforts had finally drawn the attention of a publisher, her brother had every right to be proud.

She was touched that he’d sent her a copy from the first printing.

But the book was the stuff of nightmares for a severe agoraphobic.


friday-fictioneersThe muse has been on strike for the past couple of weeks so I’ve opted out of participating with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ crew of writers at Friday Fictioneers. The muse and I have reached a tentative labor agreement, so here’s my 100-word attempt for this week’s photo prompt.


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