07 Jan

Out with the old, in with the newThat pile of eraser bits is testament to just how hard I’ve worked to conquer a monumental project that’s been haunting my to-do list since 2008 (hey, who are you calling a procrastinator??).  I have FINALLY updated my address book(s). New friends have been added.  Addresses of the nomads are current. Names I didn’t recognize have been deleted. My Gmail contacts now match my Mac contacts (thanks to a really nifty $1.99 app in the Mac App Store called Contacts Sync for Google Gmail), which match my old school address book, and even my Christmas card list. It’s probably overkill to have the same addresses in so many places, but it’s virtually impossible to lose them now. If my address book goes AWOL in a move, or my computer’s hard drive crashes, everyone I know is still safely archived on Google’s server. Now the trick is to make changes across the board when new info comes in, instead of editing in one place and neglecting the others…that’s how my cousin’s Christmas card got mailed a couple weeks ago to an address she vacated nearly three years ago. Sorry, Aaryn!

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